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Reopening Monday May 4th!!!

After meeting with Staff today we are excited to announce Woody’s will be reopening for dine in and to go service Monday May 4th at both the Cape Coral and St. James City locations!

We will be offering outdoor seating and reduced capacity indoor dining following the recommended guidelines per the state of FL. Although we won’t be able to offer our full menu to start we are happy to be able to offer you the majority of your favorites and best sellers as well as a great draft beer selection and a full liquor bar including items to go.

In addition to our regular cleaning procedures we have added new products and procedures to ensure we are doing everything possible to help keep everybody safe. In that effort, we will be removing all condiment caddies and high touch items from the table. Sauces, utensils and other needs will be available on request. We will be going to digital menus (available on your smartphone) or table side chalkboards and paper To Go menus that you can take with you when finished.

The issue of masks is a very hot topic and we are going to do our best to try and find a working solution for all. Based on feedback from both staff and all of our customers it is about a 50/50 split between those that feel masks are a must and those that do not want to have them part of the restaurant experience when practicing proper social distancing and hand washing. So at this time we have decided to allow each individual to make the choice they feel is best. Staff and customers will have access to masks available free of charge while they are at Woody’s but they are not required. So we want to be up front with our customers and let you know so you can make the best choice for your personal beliefs and safety. As a customer if you request your server wear a mask while servicing your table or carrying your food they will be happy to accommodate.

Rest assured in every other way we are going above and beyond to make sure the restaurant is cleaned and sanitized. We will have multiple hand sanitizing stations for both customers and staff. We have installed professional (EPA certified to neutralize coronavirus) disinfectant refill stations to insure staff have access to cleaning agents for all high touch point and common surfaces to clean in between customer sitings and throughout the day. In addition we have installed additional stations in our kitchens to make sure the kitchen staff can go above and beyond our typical cleaning procedures.

As always we are going to work hard and go above and beyond to make our customers and staff feel safe and provide them with a fun and enjoyable dining experience. We all recognize this isn’t a return to the way it used to be…but a chance to take a step forward towards a return to what we all remember and love and hopefully an opportunity to come back stronger and even better than before. Stay safe and we hope to see you as soon as you are ready….

Woodrow Wilson

The Inspiration To It All...

Woody (a pure bred yellow Labrador) was born in 1994 outside Lightstreet, PA, which is bustling suburb of Bloomsburg, PA…total population somewhere around 450. Anyway, Woodrow Wilson (Woody for short) was definitely not the runt of the litter…all paws, giant dumptruck sized head and most importantly a huge heart…truly one of a kind.

Woodrow Wilson ​1994-2004. Dog sleeping on a bed with a can of beer.

As a puppy, mischievous is a huge understatement. He knew just how to push your buttons, but he also knew how to win himself right back into your graces…usually with some sad eyes, a cocked head, and perked ears…you know the look. As an adolescent, typical rebellious behavior…he chewed up pretty much everything you can imagine, here is short list non inclusive: remotes (universal and Sony), graphic design projects, sleeping bags, couches, sport jacket, rugs, assorted clothes, anything important, etc. He also was an accomplished magician and became a master of escape. He figured his way through pocket doors, standard doors, cages, and tying him outside on a leash was begging for trouble. Woody was also a lover of the culinary treats especially those that were not meant for him. And being a very large, tall lab nobody and nowhere was safe. Stories of scarfing up whole rhubarb cakes from the counter, loaves of bread, sticks of butter, and other treats were common place. But his favorite past time was prowling the party for an unsuspecting victim not paying careful attention to the burger on their plate…Woody was a little bit of a thief in that respect. The best part about Woody though was his heart, I wish you all could have met him (there are only a few here in Saint James City that have).

There was never a bigger, gentler dog around. He was more than happy to lie around and be a jungle gym for the kids…getting ears pulled, tails tugged, hugged and kissed and groped…through it all you never, ever caught a glimpse of a mean look in his eye. He was always just happy to be around the crowd.

Woody was a true character and embodied all the qualities that make our island and our community great. A little bit of a rebel, but truly a kind spirit. An absolute joker, but a serious friend. He was a lot of different personalities and traits, but the good ones usually are. No matter what the circumstances though, it was always his goal to be at the center of the party…making people laugh, entertaining the crowd, enjoying good food, good drink, and good times... and most importantly making great friends along the way.

So on behalf of Woody and all of us…Welcome to Woody’s!​

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